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What's wrong with sharing an old content?

What is the wrong with sharing an old Casestudy? End of the day, the customer should understand how we helped that particular customer?

I asked the VP of Sales of a SaaS Company when I was validating our idea using a prototype I built on Figma. We can call him Mr. Nilesh.

In the case of a product company, after onboarding a customer, within a month, you can create,

  • the 1st version of the case study with data on early user adoption and happy onboarding.

  • the 2nd version can be made with data on how effectively it is increasing users' productivity or how it is helping them to achieve specific metrics.

  • the 3rd version can be created with the data on the direct impact on the revenue it produced.

So, several upgrades happen to the same case study thrice or more in less than 6 months.

As the latest case study contains much more detailed information and authoritative data, it helps the buyer make a purchase decision with a happy smile🤩 than using an old case study. It certainly gives a seller an edge to win over competitors.

That was a case study scenario. If we talk about pitch decks, new variants come so frequently because product marketers are playing with existing product usage data, doing deep market analysis, and regularly sleeping with customers to understand what makes sense and what does not. Their product-deck updations can reach the speed of an F1 car🏎️, and if the right system is not in place to enable salespeople to access the latest version of the product deck, chances are high that deals will get stalled from a very early stage of the sales funnel. Nowadays organization, spend a lot to create a "trust factor" by implementing several security complaint processes; sharing an outdated security certificate can create an opposite effect and lose the deal forever. Even bringing humiliation to the brand😨.

How can we enable salespeople to discover and share the latest content with the customer "always"🤔?

Conventional method 1: Weekly Sales-Marketing meeting to give clarity on new content releases and updations. (I heard from a marketer that salespeople yawn several times 🥱🥱 🥱 in this meeting, some even sleep😴).

Conventional Method 2: Email/Slack notification to all sales teams when new content is created or is updated on the content repository. They call it "Content Announcement."

Ok, I agree. Salespeople will see this email in the middle of closing deals, and do you think they will store it in their "hippocampus🧠" so that they use that content when the time comes?In reality, being a human, he chooses the least resistant path and shares the old and off-branded content from his personal drive.

When the deal got stalled, the Manager would ask, why don't you share that information? It should have helped the decision-maker reach a purchase decision quickly. With an embarrassed smile😶‍🌫️, salespeople will respond,

Oh! I didn't know about it? Does the marketing team create the latest version? Shit, I missed it.

A Next Generation Method💡:

So a better solution we thought is to let the marketing team keep on updating or adding new files to the existing content repository. With one-click integration, we can bring those updated and latest sales content tagged and organized automatically into one place, a "Smart Sales Library." Then with the help of a "Grammarly-like" plugin, we can give access to this entire updated and latest sales content at the fingertips👆of the salesperson. And when a salesperson engages with a buyer by email or Linkedin message, we can help him see the most relevant content for that particular sales context using a little bit of intelligence.

Do you think this use case is valid for your team? If yes, you can get access to this technology free for a year by joining our beta program.

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