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Catch your buyer red-handed!

Evenbefore releasing the beta version of our sales content enablement tool, we want to create an investment pitch deck to get a first check. I made one using Loom(a screen recording tool) and shared it with my Co-Founder. Suddenly Loom pinged with an email notification, "Mr. Navaneeth viewed your video." I got into detailed analytics and found he consumed it to 60% only.

Hmm! With a grimaced face😬, I brooded," I have to work on my storytelling."

Later that night, I was jolted by his reply when we had a call. "Rahul, It was good to go. I liked it"

Are you sure? My dear Navanaeeth, I know you dropped after 60%. I caught him red-handed😁. Oh! How do you know? "Loom got some amazing analytics, dear," I replied.

In the same way, if we can help salespeople with some interesting analytics on the content he is regularly sharing with every buyer in the pipeline, they can catch every buyer red-handed🥷.

When a buyer opens your content frequently,
When content is being reshared internally with other decision-makers,
when a buyer spends a lot of time on content,
when a buyer stays on a page for long,

All this information gives you the buyer's intent to purchase. And salesperson can effortlessly steer the buying process to make a purchase decision faster🏃‍♀️.

When the opposite happens,

When content is being opened but didn't read after 2 pages,
When content is being not opened at all,
When content is not being shared with other decision-makers,

These insights help salespeople take the next step wisely🕵️ to save that deal from being stalled or lost.

This content engagement data by the buyer can be easily tagged into respective deals in CRM. This will help the sales manager😇 conduct weekly review meetings effectively by providing the right coaching.

Screwing Marketing Head.

Last day in a conversation with a sales consultant(my dearest friend), he entirely gave another perspective on this content engagement analytics.

My perspective was like this,

"Ok, if we help content marketing, the product marketing team an idea on which content is getting engagement and which is not and that too in page wise level, they can remove unwanted information and create new ones."

But his perspective was,

Oh, your tool will screw the "Marketing head" as he is responsible for spending the budget to create content using internal resources and "freelance content creators."

When I researched, a Series-B SaaS startup spends more on content creation than on sales enablement tools and sales tools together. And at this time of recession, everyone is spending wisely on tools, human resources, and all other stuff. And this data helps an organization to spend money effectively on content.

No one can stop creating content to save budget because the content is the king👑as it brings leads and creates brand awareness. So understanding content effectiveness using a content engagement analytics tool is the solution.

Do you think this use case is relevant for your organsiation? If yes, please join our beta program to access this sales enablement and content engagement analytics tool.

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